Increase your sales by sending proposals by fax
Yes !!, you can get more traffic by sending business proposals to other companies and telling them about your services in your own web site.

As simple as you read this.
Explain everything in your web site. Send the fax with the title of your proposal and the link where people will see more details. That's the idea.

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Getting a fax list is easy. Copy faxes from directories around the web. But if you want to concentrate your effort in some type of businesses and certain geographical region, the web search engine will help. For instance, if you need faxes from area code 212 in New York, type "FAX 212, New York, NY" in the search engine. Or maybe you need faxes from Zip Code 10001, type something similar, like "Fax 212, New York, NY 10001". Consider the use of the FaxExtractor utility.
Windows XP brings a fax service which must be installed after installing Windows. See in your Control Panel, "Printers and Faxes". If you see an icon "Fax" it means that your computer is ready to send faxes. But if it not, install a FaxModem card and Configure the Fax Option in "Printers and Faxes" from the Control Panel.
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For this you will need the Business Directory. This is an application that brings companies with faxes and can be used as well to send multiple faxes. You don't need to send the faxes that are withing this directory if you do not want. You can use the list you've already created. To obtain this directory visit:
Extract faxes and send your message or proposal. This utility can be your working tool for obtaining new customers.
Pay with confidence to Paypal, the most secured way for payments over the Internet. As soon payment is done you shall receive the link for downloading.
This utility allows you to search in your web browser for faxes by area code or zip code. Then you copy and paste the result and start sending faxes inmediately. Requirements: Windows XP, and faxmodem attached to your PC and a telephone line.
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Learn how to send multiple faxes