What is the name of the State that has for Capital "Albany"?

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U.S. States and their Capitals
Alabama, AL, Montgomery

Alaska, AK, Juneau

Arkansas, AR,Little Rock

Arizona, AZ, Phoenix

California, CA, Sacramento

Colorado, CO, Denver

Connecticut, CT, Hartford

Delaware, DE, Dover

Florida, FL, Tallahassee

Georgia, GA, Atlanta

Hawaii, HI, Honolulu

Idaho, ID, Boise

Illinois, IL, Springfield

Indiana, IN, Indianapolis

Iowa, IA, Dopeka

Kansas, KS, Topeka

Kentucky, KY, Frankfort

Louisiana, LA, Baton Rouge

Maine, ME, Augusta

Maryland, MD, Annapolis

Massachusetts, MA, Boston

Michigan, MI, Lansing

Minnesota, MN, St. Paul

Mississippi, MS, Jackson

Missouri, MO, Jefferson

Montana, MT, Helena

Nebraska, NE, Lincoln

Nevada, NV, Carson City

New Hampshire, NH, Concord

New Jersey, NJ, Trenton

New Mexico, NM, Santa Fe

New York, NY, Albany

North Carolina, NC, Raleigh

North Dakota, ND, Bismarck

Ohio, OH, Columbus

Oklahoma, OK, Oklahoma City

Oregon, OR, Salem

Pennsylvania, PA, Harrisburg

Rhode Island, RI, Providence

South Carolina, SC, Columbia

South Dakota, SD, Pierre

Tennessee, TN, Nashville

Texas, TX, Austin

Utah, UT, Salt Lake City

Vermont, VT, Montpelier

Virginia, VA, Richmond

Washington, WA, Olympia

West Virginia, WV

Wisconsin, WI, Madison

Wyoming, WY, Cheyenne

What is the name of the State that has for Capital "Albany"?

What State has for abbreviation the letters "AK"

What country is south USA?

What country is north USA?

How many States form the United States of America?

What is the most spoken language in the USA?

What ocean wash the east coast of USA?

What ocean border the Western coast of USA?

If you make a direct flight from New York to the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean sea, your direction will be most likely to the NORTH, EAST, SOUTH or WEST?

Is Puerto Rico the 51 st. state of USA?

Washington D.C. is also called the District of Columbia and is the capital of the United States of America. Is this TRUE or FALSE?

What US.state is color white in this map?

What state is known for being the house of the Mormons?

What is the state with the longest frontier with Canada?

What is the name of the state painted in white in this map?

What is the US state in white in this map?

What is the state that has for abbreviation the letters "NV"?

What is the state that border west of Texas?

What is the U. S. state nearer to the Dominican Republic ?

According to the income and poverty census 2014, what is the medium salary for white, black, asian, and hispanic race?

What was the estimate population of U.S.A. by 2014?

What was the estimate population of New York by 2014?

what was the population of Dominicans in USA according to the 2010 Census?

What was the estimate population of Dominicans in New York, according to the 2010 Census?

How many hogs and pigs was the inventory in U.S. farms by september 1,2015, according to the U.S. Departament of Agriculture Statistics?

How many certified Organic Farms were in US by the end of 2014, and how much they sold in organic products?

What is the state that has for capital the city of Olympia?

What state has "WV" as state code?

What is the city capital for the state of Vermont?

What State is white in this image?

What state is white in this picture?

What is the capital for Wyoming?

Which are the four most populated states in USA?

In what state is located Mount Rushmore, where is the sculpture carved of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln?

What state is bordered north by Kansas, south by Texas and east by Missouri and Arkansas?

Which are the four least populated States in USA?

What is the state with major territory in USA and which the smallest one?

How long does it take a commercial flight to fly from New York to Los Angeles, California? How long does it take the same flight from New York to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic?

George Washington was the first President of U.S.A. Who was the Vice President?

The Virgin Islands are mainly composed by Saint Croix, Saint Thomas, Saint John, Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Anegada. Which of these are unincorporated territories of the United States?

Which were the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States after declaring their independence from Great Britain in 1776?

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